WordPress 6.2, TwentyTwentyThree theme – make Home non-scrolling, post formatting questions

I’m new to WordPress but have some small experience with other CMS (Drupal, Hugo).
I’ve got WP6.2 installed on my hosting service; TwentyTwentyThree theme installed. I’ve beed doing small changes, adding content, adding images in the WP library, etc.
First question: I’d appreciate guidance – or a pointer to documentation – on how to alter the theme to make the home page non-scrolling. I would put links to other static pages on the home page.
Second question: right now posts have an image box above the post. I want to change the post style to eliminate the graphic. I’d rather have a post title and first few lines be a link to the full post. Again a pointer to documentation would be great.
Thanks for reading!


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