WordPress admin settings don’t save when LSWS is active

Hi there, I was trying to get support via the Litespeed Web Server forum but for some reason, I keep getting asked to report this here. We don’t have the LS Cache plugin installed on the site we are having issues with so not sure why our issue would be relevant to this forum but as I keep getting directed here, please forgive me if this issue doesn’t belong here. (forum link: https://www.litespeedtech.com/support/forum/threads/wordpress-admin-settings-dont-save-when-lsws-is-active.21227/)

We are having an issue that only happens when we enable LSWS. When Apache is enabled, this issue does not happen.

When LSWS is enabled, we are unable to save some settings in the WordPress Admin panel. For example if we go into Appearance > Customize > Header Builder > Site Icon and then change the icon to another icon from the media library, save it and refresh the page – the icon is not saved. We have noticed this happening on other new websites we are building since enabling LSWS.

On this particular site we are using the Astra theme but this has also happened when using the default wordpress theme and with all plugins disabled. The Litespeed cache plugin is not installed at this point.

Other settings do not save either, for instance global colors. When we deactivate LSWS and enable Apache, the issue goes away and saving can be done as normal.

Any ideas on what we have done wrong? We have followed the online documentation when setting up LSWS and can’t see what we are doing wrong. We don’t have any virtual hosts.

We discovered that when opcache is disabled, saving can be done as normal. We’ve also discovered that when Litespeed Web Server is active, opcache is enabled and the site is using php7.4, saving works as normal. When Litespeed Web Server is active, opcache is enabled and the site is using php8, saving doesn’t work.

Thanks for any help you can give, apologies again if this issue shouldn’t be reported here.


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The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]


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