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Hey guys, hope you are all doing well

I’m an aspiring web dev, and I would like to start a business that makes WordPress websites for people.


I was wondering, is it normal to use a layout when making a website for customers, or do you make it “from the ground up”?

Is there a theme that is better than others? I started with Divi, which seems okay.

Is there any learning resources or tools for people like me that want to make websites for others?

Is Shopify better?


Thanks in advance for helping, I hope you have a nice day.

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  1. Shopify is NOT better, DIVI is a good choice, however your value will be added in being able to select the right plugin for your customers. Also not being plugin crazy if it is something simple to code. However, I also recommend you lead CSS and understand the basics. You will also need to practice a lot and believe it or not understand
    Color Palettes
    Htaccess file lock down
    OPTIMIZATION is huge, most people will know the basics of how to have a faster website but did you know there are over 55 things in WordPress you can do to speed up your site ??
    Also you will need to know which plugins have an impact on speed.


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