WordPress Contact Form SMTP Email Submission Doesn’t Work

Hey there,

So I am just getting back into website design, and I have noticed that none of my contact forms work. Through some research, I see that it has to do with setting up SMTP with a plugin. But back in the day (a few years ago even?), all you had to do was setup an email address in WordPress Settings>General (it could even be a gmail address back then?), and the contact form would just “work”.

So is it WordPress that made all websites use SMTP to send mail now? Is this now mandatory? I played with setting up php mail, but I feel that’s not as good as setting up SMTP.

I tried setting up SMTP with WP Mail SMTP, and man, that is complicated. I tried setting up through my Google Workplace account and that was a total pain the the \*\*\*, and then I even tried with some of the other choices. No luck.

So is it just me? Does EVERYONE have to setup SMTP for contact forms to work these days?

Details: I am on a VPS Server hosting account through Hostgator. Working through WordPress. I also have a Google Workspace account.


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