WordPress design/dev as a side hustle/job?

I am just curious of the people who do WordPress as a job; create sites for people and set everything up. If you could share maybe how long it took you to feel comfortable enough with your knowledge to offer it as a service?

Trying to get an idea as I know one person who does it and does really well so I expect he’s an outlier in this really.

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  1. Here’s been my approach:

    1. Just start and do it.
    2. Use clients to pay you to learn.
    3. Charge them for the time you actually spend troubleshooting even if it takes you 3x as long at first.
    4. Now I do consulting and have apprentices. DM me if you’d like to start as one. I have a unique methodology that you might like or might not, but I’m happy to help get you started, and I always have plenty of clients.


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