WordPress development with GIT

Dear web developing professionals and seniors,

I have started developing WordPress websites with Divi and after one year I want to bring it to a professional level.

For this I want to establish a development environment like the following:

GIT version controlled WordPress development with

* a local environment
* a remote development branch
* a test branch
* a production branch

Using the hosters DreamHost for Dev and Test and Siteground for Production, I have already Git repositories available.

**But when cloning or working with the websites, it seems like many files and especially the Databases DB are not cloned and not acessible for GIt development.**

Do you professionals and seniors know best practices how to develop logic and content of a WordPress website, get GIt diffs, make commits and pushs, then let others clone from remote branch and they get everything including the Database onto their local environment etc.

Thank you very much and with much love

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  1. No, as far as I know it’s not that easy to accomplish with WordPress. You can use Bedrock (https://roots.io/bedrock/ ) as a Boilerplate for your development process.
    The Database can not be cloned to each environment that easily. Because every instance is working on it’s own. So if others want to work on their local machine they need a database dump which they have to setup manually on their machine.
    The only way that comes in my mind is to set up a development site that is accessible for every developer. You could then connect your local WordPress environment with the database from that development site. Everyone would than be working in the same database and everybody could see the changes someone else is making. But I think that wouldn’t be best practice but could be an option.


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