WordPress + Email SMTP setup specifically for clients


For users who manage multiple client websites, do you have any recommendations on how to setup email (SMTP)? I currently use Amazon SES for my site but as I’m venturing into client sites, I wanted to get advice on this.

I feel like adding client sites to my Amazon SES while easy may cause problems if it’s abused. Most of these sites I’m thinking about would have a simple contact form that emails the user when the form is submitted, not mass emailing.


How do others handle this? The default mail setup with WordPress was not sending to my inbox when a form was completed. Installing FluentSMTP and setting up Amazon SES on a test site worked fine though.

  1. Why not just send from the web server? Have you configured your SPF record? I don’t use any SMTP services – I send directly from my web servers.

  2. You can connect each site to brevo. With brevo you can get upto 300 free emails per day for each client account.


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