WordPress homeurl auto changes

I have a WordPress setup in reverse proxy mode. Abc.com is main domain and backend.abc.com is the backend. I have configured siteurl and home url in wp config file. I moved the backend subdomain to another location, b.abc.com.i did wp cli search and replace. But the yoast seo metatags always switch back to new subdomain b.abc.com. any idea why? I already tried yoast help tester plugin to solve this but it didn’t help much. The site url is based on HTTP_HOST https://github.com/pantheon-systems/wordpress-composer/blob/c0a2525869d7896b85ac7892f5bdc5a7a000ea68/wp-config-pantheon.php#L53 . If HTTP_HOST is not set, then home and siteurl is abc.com. but it’s not working. After I run search replace, the next day abc.com will change back to b.abc.com. the wp_optiins:option_value, home_url will set to b.abc.com, any idea what could be the issue here?


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