WordPress integration to an already existing website

Hey everyone!

I couldn’t find relevant info on this on the internet, so I decided to ask the community. So, for example, I have a website – [example.com](https://example.com). The website is written on react. I want to add a blog which will be under [example.com/blog](https://example.com/blog). I want it to be on WordPress because it has a lot of plugins, etc. So basically, the [example.com/blog](https://example.com/blog) page will have a navbar, a footer from the existing website (example.com) and the blog part with articles ([example.com/blog](https://example.com/blog) and [example.com/blog](https://example.com/blog)/article) from WP. In the end, it should look like one website, and work smoothly and without errors.

So the question is – is it doable?



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