WordPress issue | How to fix it?

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a website on wordpress and faced an issue that I was not able to find solution on the internet. So decided to ask for help.

I’ve implemented the same colors for each exosting page, created good-looking home page and when started to re-design the other pages (i.e. blog, about us, contact us) I noticed the following:

When I write a H1 for Contact Us it appears on other pages too (home page excluded), and when I try to fix it on other pages the same (already fixed) H1 appears on other pages.

In other words, if you open my website rn and go to contact us, you’ll see the 1 of Book a Call page.

How can I fix it?

If I was not able to properly explain the situation, please let me know for additional details.

1 Comment
  1. Seems like you’re adding it to the page template not on the specific page. That’s why it shows on the pages using same template


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