WordPress link redirecting to spam sites form instagram

Hello. I have a WordPress blog and the last few days when I link one of my blog posts in Instagram it redirects me and my followers to spam sites. The sites are the ones where it says my internet provider is scanning for viruses or that I won a new iphone from my mobile provider. My post shows up for 10 seconds or so before the redirect. I have tried basic troubleshooting: password change, install/reinstall the IG app, cleared browser history, and restarted phone. This seems to only happen from mobile devices and also only when accessing the post from IG (no issues from wordpress or other social platforms). I am sure this is an IG issue but hoping folks here may have some advice.

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

  1. Have you had others test this and they are also being sent to the spam links? If you visit the URL directly in a browser, do you go to the right place? If you post the link on IG using a different device, does the link still go to spam?


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