WordPress newbie looking for some guide lines for a project (Website with (company) profiles, and filtering based on multiple criteria)


I’m considering to start doing a side project for my employer, but at this moment there’s too many unknowns for me about how to do it, and I was wondering if someone could send me in the right direction. Or maybe I should forget about WordPress altogether when it comes to my needs?

The project is about creating a website that’s supposed to be the link between companies and customers. Companies should be able to register themselves and create a profile for their company. For clients there should be multi criteria filtering, e.g. distance to company, price range, and show the filtering results. I’d say, nothing too complex, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Ideal would be building it using a backend framework like Django or Flask for maximum flexibility (not mentioning Laravel because I prefer Python over PHP), but unfortunately this would be way too time consuming, so I was hoping that somewhat similar already exists. I’m aware of the fact that customization to a certain extent is required, that’s no big deal. it’s just desirable that the customization needed can be somewhat limited.

Since I’m quite unfamiliar with WordPress, and the fact that there’s dozens of plug-ins, themes, templates etc., I honestly don’t know exactly where to start (or maybe WordPress isn’t the best option at all). I’ve been searching on the internet, and stumbled upon WordPress builders like Bricks, Oxygen builder, Divi, Elementor. Using a building tool like the ones mentioned would be a good approach? Or is there a theme that’s easily customizable and already meets my needs for lets say 50%?

Is there anyone that could send me a bit in the right direction? Or is there any courses you could recommend me that would fit the subject?


PS: this post isn’t spam.


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