WordPress “undoing” subdomain

A few years ago, I was helping with content for a small foundation in my town. Their site at the time was hacked in some way and in a (novice) panic, I got everything redirected to a subdomain to keep everything active. Now they are ramping up their local presence and I am stuck with [subdomain.originaldomain.com](https://subdomain.originaldomain.com) \- i would really love to move everything back functionally to just the [originaldomain.com](https://originaldomain.com) and have a streamlined/clean website. We are on Siteground using WordPress. Where do I start here? Asked Siteground to help me get everything reorganized. Any tutorials I need to look at?

(I am not a web designer, just someone who can find their way around for the most part and have a decent idea of how websites work but have spent many years helping my local colleague as they volunteer a ton of their time for our community)

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  1. It really depends on what you did to redirect. But if you set up a WP install at: subdomain.originaldomain.com and deleted the one at originaldomain.com. Then just do that backwards. Set up a new WP install at originaldomain.com and use the all-in-one WP migration plugin to move from one to another.

    >Asked Siteground to help me get everything reorganized.

    This will depend a lot on what is included in their hosting package as far as support. Many hosts just help with hosting stuff, and not “software” stuff like WP. But some try to be more helpful since your sort of question should be within their wheelhouse to advise on.


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