WordPress website does not load in some places but works fine mostly everywhere.


I’m experiencing some issues with our company website not loading consistently. It seems to work fine in most locations, but there are three places where it consistently fails to load: our office, and two other specific locations. The problem comes and goes on its own, and I’ve tried various troubleshooting options without success. I’m hoping someone in the Reddit WordPress channel has encountered a similar issue and can provide some insight.

We host our website with GoDaddy. I’ve temporarily disabled the CDN, and that seemed to resolve the issue at one point, but I don’t think the CDN is the root cause since the problem persists even with it disabled. I’ve also tried rebuilding and restoring databases and backups, but that hasn’t resolved the issue either. Sometimes the problem spontaneously resolves itself the next day or the following week.

When I contacted GoDaddy for support, they suggested that if the connection is up, the issue may lie with our ISP. However, this doesn’t explain why the problem occurs simultaneously in other locations. I’ve conducted tests from numerous locations around the world (with the help of friends), and the website functions perfectly fine everywhere except in our office and the two other mentioned places (a colleague’s location and our IT support office).

I would greatly appreciate any assistance from the Reddit WordPress community. Thank you in advance for your help.

  1. Website doesnt work specifically on some computers ? Like for example there are 2 computers in office and from both of them its not opening , and if you go in office with your phone and try it there ? Or laptop ?


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