WordPress wp-config.php env variables issue

I am kinda confused on how to approach this.
Currently I have created a wp-config.php file in a docker container.

[Image above shows the information in the file.](https://preview.redd.it/1aaly46njq1a1.png?width=1052&format=png&auto=webp&s=a0044b127feb3ac5a2da15db98da617e645ad0ca)

I also have a script that runs the following:



I am using the latest WP image and it has apache2 on it.
What should I write in the wp-config in order to pass the env variables from the script.
\*YES I KNOW\* that the script adds ” as env’s in this above example , but It needs to be dynamic as I can change it anytime.

  1. Assuming that USER_DB, PASS_DB etc are the credentials for the database that you want to use for WordPress, you should either:

    change your script so that USER_DB becomes WORDPRESS_DB_USER (and the other variables are changed to match what’s expected by wp_config.php


    edit wp-config.php so that the line becomes: define(‘DB_NAME’, getenv(‘USER_DB’, ‘mysql’));

    …and so on for the other variables


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