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That would be awesome. Basically use the article as the fine tuning text correct?

Hi guys,

Fine-tuning is a process that takes time, and that should be initiated manually. You’ll need to build a dataset, and have it processed by OpenAI. It’s a complex process, and it can’t work with only a few sentences, on just by uploading a whole article 🙂 I am preparing an article/tutorial about this! That said, you can finetune models with the plugin already, it works perfectly well! But for this use case, I don’t think it’s the way to go.

Often, we think that we need a custom model, but actually, we just need a good prompt. In the shortcode, it means that we need a good context. Like this:

[mwai_chat context="Let's debate and discuss about the article located between [***] and [***]. Article: [***]{INSERT_POST}[***]" start_sentence="What did you think of this article?"]

Of course, {INSERT_POST} will need to be replaced by the whole article. This can be done through code easily. I can share the code if you like 🙂


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