Would anyone like to share their standard freelancer contract with me or show me a way where I can build on my own (free or paid)?


I’m posting it here is because this usually where I hangout and know a lot of you are website developers.

So I have couple of websites of my own and every now and then, I get asked by someone I know to a basic (5-10 pages) to medium (5-10 pages + blog + basic ecom) size website for them and I’m very comfortable doing it.

But now, I have met this monster that I feel, will never stop asking for more (more functionality, change mind on design, add more content on their behalf and list can go on) and I have nothing prepared for it.

In past, I never took large projects that could take more than a week to be finished and I pretty much knew the person who I built the site for. Our conversation went something like this;

“So, what do you want on your site?”

“Not much. Just A, B, N, X and Z.”

“OK cool. give me $1000 + $100/m to maintain and host your site. I’ll get it done in 2 weeks.”

“You want some money now or want everything when site is done?”

“Whatever works for you, see you at the Ronnie’s birthday next week?”


I finish the site in a week, they’re super stoked and happy that I delivered in half of the time and that’s that.

But this monster has approached me with a **VERY** large budget for an eCommerce website which I know, can finish between 3-4 weeks. Mostly moving her Shopify store to a website where she has more control over like writing blog posts, have Zoom webinar or post videos from her YT account.

I went to her office, sat down for couple of hours, typed everything down about what and how she wanted things done. Sent her an email right on the spot for her to read and let me know if I missed anything. As usual, offered her 10% of her budget per month to maintain and host her site and she agreed with all of it with a caveat that I’ll probably will to have to update her online inventory a few times a month.

“Sure if it takes couple of hours a month for me to do it, I don’t mind.” She goes “Great!”.

I said, once I’ll get home, I’ll send her first invoice of 33% upfront, next 33% once she approves the design and structure of website and 34% once I’m done with moving her store from Shopify to her new site but before site goes live.

I get home and hour later and lo-and-behold 3 emails from her waiting for me. Each or them with a new idea she thought about a functionality she forgot to mention during the meeting but wants me to add it to the list.

I think I need a legal contract with her to keep me on the safe ground and having trouble finding places online where I can get some pointers.

Any help?

Thank you.


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