Would WordPress Multisite be a good solution for a business with intranet & client portal?

Hey all,

Looking for some advice for this build.

I’m on a new project to update my client’s site. They’re currently on Squarespace, and the plan is to migrate them over to WordPress.

It’s a small firm with under 10 employees, but they are looking to expand. We anticipate slow but steady growth.

Currently the P1 goal is to migrate and update the site. They are interested in an employee intranet and client portal down the line. Nothing too complex or urgent, but I want to make sure I am laying the groundwork correctly for less hassle in the future.

I was initially thinking about using something like MemberPress or UltimateMember and just create different access groups, but I anticipated this end up looking a little clunky. It makes me wonder if the multi-site function would be the way to go.

The final goal would be for the main public site. Then a client-portal with a front-end interface where they can book calls, keep track of invoices, hours, etc. Finally for employees to have their own intranet where they can view and share documents, and a single location for announcements and such. Also to have an HR portal (Eyeing WordPress ERP for this).

Any thoughts?


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