Would you find an all in one WP/vps management for freelancers useful?

I’ve currently designed a WordPress MU plugin with a self-hosted server GUI for updating plugins. Basically the GUI allows you to set a domain and security code and you set the security code in the plugin. And if they match it allows access for updates. You upload your plugins with plug-slug_1.2.3.zip And if plug in version is newer on the server it will update on the websites once a day.

It’s just an easier update server than currently this because the other one require you editing plugins. The main reason I did this this way was so I can make edits to plugins made by other people and then when they update I can take the new one reapply my changes and then upload it so in get pushed out instead of my changes overwritten.

Anyways my question right now is: I was thinking of expanding this as a kind of full management system for web designers and developers who specialize with wordpress. Also when I say is there a market for this I mean like with to see something people are interested in it would be open source release.

(UPDATE: Since I’m getting the idea of people are misunderstanding. To clarify the WordPress plugin would work with the API endpoint for plugins and theme updates as well as automatic backups only. The server management idea would be communicating through SSH. And would not be tied into the WordPress part. It would just be one administrative interface that can manage WordPress sites and servers from one interface. You would self host the administrative server at home. And use a reverse proxy so only the single API.php endpoint is accessible from the internet and nothing else. And that’s for the WordPress plug into communicate with. The administrative interface would be only accessible locally and not internet-facing. The WordPress plugin would have nothing to do with managing servers just WordPress.)

By doing this I was going to add in SSH key management, as well as updates for virtual Private servers. Basically you could write a bash script that would to changes and updates and stuff and it would be pushed out to the virtual private servers.

Also thinking of adding kind of like a cron commands over ssh, basically you can schedule command to run on servers, push a one-time command to a bunch of servers.

Another feature would be automatic WordPress backups where it would snatch the files and database dump zip it up and start on the server.

Also thinking of including automatic uptime monitoring.

Also terminal access through the browser.

Basically thinking of it as a all-in-one maintenance and update system system for WordPress and vps That would simplify tasks for freelance web designers and developers. Do you think this would be something that would be useful?

And you have any future suggestions if so?

  1. I don’t know. Letting a plugin have that much access to the server is risky IMO.


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