WP 6.1 | Content of one page exactly the same on the remaining pages

Hi guys,


I’ve been working with WordPress for a short time now and am in the process of creating a website. Basically I understand using WP however I now have a stupid problem. The home page is editable and it’s not about that, but the menu pages “Services” “Me” and “Contact” are all the same this is very strange although I only wanted to edit “Me” normally. I can’t edit anything in these 3 pages and they are not even shown in the tool “Customizer” only the home page is shown. Excuse me for the long text, would be very happy to help. Have a nice evening


My web address: [https://cr3ations.ch/](https://cr3ations.ch/)

  1. If you go to “Appearance” -> “Menus” you should be able to find the menu and where each option points to.

  2. It could be that you have set a page template of one page as the template for all of your pages (apart from homepage, which has it’s own template).

    It’s also possible that you’ve used the reusable blocks, or maybe the same block pattern in the page editor.

    It’s hard to tell if we don’t have more information on what theme and plugins you’re using to build out your website pages.

    If you’re not using any page builder plugin, you should ask your theme’s user support for assistance.


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