WP Rocket – literally no change to mobile score, any ideas?


I know a few people use WP Rocket, and I wanted to look at it today. It seems to make a decent difference to the desktop version of the google page score, but the mobile is unaffected.

GTMmetrix scores improve to A’s, but I know many people don’t even consider that site in the overall picture.

It’s mainly the LCP that seems to be the issue. Gtmetrix reports an LCP of <1s or less, but google report it as 6.6s which is insane. I’m not sure why there’s such a difference, but it is tanking the overall results, with the LCP being the only real issue.

Wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this when testing out WP Rocket?

  1. linking your site would help alot.

    PageSpeedInsights / Lighthouse use a simulated throttle on mobile page speed scores.

    If you hover over the throttle info you get this tooltip:

    > Network throttling: 150 ms TCP RTT, 1,638.4 kb/s throughput (Simulated)
    Browser location: North America

    So seeing your page and how much media is on there is important.

  2. LCP is difficult to fix with a plugin – typically it’s the largest image, like a hero or banner, so requires manual tweaking to improve the load time, like creating an image specifically for mobile, defering, etc. Note that the mobile score is generated using a slow network speed, so the load time is always much longer.

  3. Hey, I can’t get enough of repeating it. **Stop using GTMetrix unless you have PRO plan** and can test as mobile and with your website/visitors location. Try instead [speedvitals](https://speedvitals.com/) or [yellowlab](https://yellowlab.tools/) that are far superiors tools in their free version (and even compared to GTMetrix PRO for some insights/features)

    As the others already mentioned, the inconsistency about the results are mainly due to the fact that the pagespeed report its throttled but it will be still nowhere near the real UX since GTMetrix is giving only desktop result. About the LCP i would add on top of what the others already said, if your website has not enough traffic to show Core Web Vitals metrics on pagespeed or search console you can add Cloudflare Web Analytics script to monitor RUM. You can learn more about that [here](https://blog.cloudflare.com/start-measuring-web-vitals-with-browser-insights/) and [here](https://developers.cloudflare.com/analytics/web-analytics/). This will measure web vitals metrics for each page visits and will get you a real overview of what is your LCP.

    Also if you willing to share your website URL (even in DM if you don’t like reddit raids ahah) i could check it better and send you a report of what are the issues and how you can solve them

  4. LCP covers elements like video, images and text. There are a variety of techniques to improve LCP. If you are open to sharing a link to your site either in the post or a direct message, it’ll be easier to share suggestions and ideas.


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