Xampp vs Local WP which one you guys think is best?

I’m a beginner and mostly doing my practice on local server, but I had really bad experience with Xampp then I found out Local WP and it’s cool in terms of experience although it consumes more resources. If you have used Local WP and Xampp/Wampp which one you think best in terms of experience?

  1. For what you are doing, LocalWP is excellent, it handles all of the server administration for you. It makes it especially easy on Windows. I switched away from it before they started including php 8.1 and I needed to be able to use some configurations that were seemingly not possible. But for 95% of what I did, excellent.

  2. When I started working with WordPress I tried Mampp, but IMHO to learn it’s better to get a cheap web server and work directly online. this is to notice problems that you would not see locally, such as the weight of the pages or using a real smartphone, instead of a simulator, to check how the pages are viewed. And also to learn how to use tools that you will need, such as plesk or Cpanel. Or how to clean the site from malware or solve a spam problem.

    Locally everything is much faster, but it is not true.

  3. As someone who’s use Wamp, Mamp, and Docker, Local is by far the easiest thing I’ve ever used.

  4. Local is a big time-saver for me, with ‘blueprints’ to deploy ‘already configured’ sites, easy SSL etc. The one downside is the DB ‘Adminer’… PHPMyAdmin is much better. But I don’t need it too often.

    I still need Mamp for other stuff, but for WP local wins hands down.


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