1. I know, right?

    What’s even worse is when both versions of the plugin have to be updated at the same time, otherwise they break. Social Warfare used to break with every other update, and this was why.

  2. Like elementor lol.

    You know what else is annoying, plug-ins that have 20 addons as separate plugins. Like if I have the pro version with all the addons licensed why can I just get 1 pro plug-in that manages all those addons or at least installs them for me from within the plug-in instead of me needing to download 5 files from the site and install them all separately.

    I’m talking about wp all import, a popular and expensive plugin with less than stellar user experience. I guess after you buy it they don’t care how friendly it is.

    However plug-in does good job, no complaining about its functionality


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