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Hi @mixbee,

You are probably referring to the plugin Autocomplete Address for WooCommerce by Fernando Acosta.

The problem with this plugin is related to the fact that Fluid Checkout replaces the shipping and billing sections as the customer interact with the checkout form. This behavior is needed for Fluid Checkout to work properly.

The script from the plugin Autocomplete Address for WooCommerce does not expect the address fields to be replaced, so it attaches the necessary events (onkeyup) directly to each field. The event handlers for these fields are lost once they are replaced by Fluid Checkout.

The only way to fix this issue would be for Fernando Acosta to make changes to their script, capturing the events independently of the fields and handling it accordingly.

I’m more than happy to help them make these changes.

Currently, we suggest you try our plugin Google Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce, in addition to using Google Maps API as the name suggests, it can also autocomplete addresses from the CEP field using the same data source as the plugin by Fernando Acosta (Brasil API).

See it working on our live demo for Brazilian websites:

If you don’t want to use Google Maps API, you can enable only the autocomplete by CEP field independently.

With our plugin, your customers will be able to autocomplete their addresses with data from the Google Places API or Brasil API, using the Street Address field or CEP field respectively.

More information can be found in this related topic:

If you decide to purchase Fluid Checkout PRO, you’ll also get the Google Address Autocomplete plugin included in the package.

I hope you understand.

I’m closing this ticket for now. If you need further assistance related to this issue, simply reply to this message to re-open it.



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