A bit of an odd item – initiate SMS text from the website

Initiating an SMS request isn’t difficult normally however our requirements are a bit different. (via sms: hyperlink)

We want the user to be able to initiate an SMS discussion from our website. We have a pool of sales people who can accept it and it will route to the first one in the list. The reps have to be on their phone and do something to tell the system they are online.

The visitor would enter their cell phone number and a message on the Website and it would go to whoever is available. If no one is they get a message back telling them that and their message is sent to an email address internally for later follow-up.

If they are on their cell when visiting it should just flip over to whatever their SMS app is (IMO).

We dont’ want to require our sales people to have special software on their phones. other than their preferred SMS app if possible.

So can the SMS route to a pool of cell numbers? Or maybe to just one and that number will auto forward to others based on their availability?

Does this make any sense?

Are there plugins to assist with this? Or suggestions? Almost like a call fowarding service in a way.


  1. Twilio or WhatsApp would be a good place to look.

    Trivial to send a message to a group and watch for a reply. If that reply is not made within a period of time, respond back to user and send an email.

    On desktop you can create a link that will open the SMS app and compose a message to a given message, e.g. <a href=”sms:00441231123123″>Open SMS</a>

  2. It sounds like your application requires some customized routing of the messages initiated by the website visitor. are you building this as a standalone setup, or do your reps already use something like salesforce.com?

    Various SaaS vendors can handle the messaging for about a penny a message. I’ve used Twilio effectively for a similar app. I don’t think there is a vendor with a free service tier for this.


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