a problem with copying and pasting from word to wordpress

hi, there

is there anyone who could help with my little problem, i started a wordpress blog the other day, and i was excited because finally i could publish my short stories and articles and whatever ( i’m a novelist by the way ), but as soon as i wanted to create a new post, i faced the first obstical, i had a translation of kafka’s story the metamorphesis ( i’m a trainee translator by the way ), i wanted to publish it but… every time i pasted the text the paragraphs were not arranged in the right way, and no matter how hard i tried to fix it, it never worked, so i decided to leave the link to the word document which i’m going to upload to drive and it didn’t work either, i found the button where you can insert photos but i couldn’t insert documents, so could anyone please, explain how can i publish my translation whereby the paragraphes are gonna stay in the same order, or i could just send the translation to him via email, and he could open a wordpress blog and drop it there, of course, he have to mention my name as the translator, and that’s all.

note : this is not a scam or a trick to hack you and send you viruses by email, i have no intention, no desire whatsoever in doing that, i’m just looking for help to fix this goddamn problem,oh, god, why do they have to make it complicated to just order the text.

here’s my email for anyone who want to help, just send me the link to the wordpress post after you have created it, and leave it for my writings, it’s like i’m renting a page,but paying you with views, i’m going to share the link of course

here’s my email :

[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

message me so i could send you the word file.


  1. Copy from word and paste into a plain text file like Notes or Notebook. Copying from plain text like that should clear the formatting Word adds.

  2. Word docs are used to hack people. Don’t open the file people, come on, don’t be that stupid.

    They’re specifically targeting web devs to infiltrate your customer’s websites.

  3. Word has some inline formatting.

    Just hit shift when you copy it over (Ctrl + Shift + V). You may have to add some formatting like billeted lists, bold, etc.

  4. Save Word as HTML

    Open it with browser

    View it as source

    Copy all to post, in BlockEditor as CustomHTML, in ClassicEditor as text

    It’s not perfect, but I don’t know for better

  5. The classic editor before guttember had paste from Word, which did a pretty good job. I am not sure but it should still be there.
    Anyway, don’t give links to files any more, it’s not correct.


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