In need of guidance

I need to build a website for the company I work for, I have built a website before with elementor and the OceanWP theme, it was okay but this will have to be a little more customizable.

it’s a one page website, but there’s some things I will need like a custom header and maybe a blog in the future. I have some basic HTML, CSS and JS knowledge. My question is which route should I follow? make a custom theme or is there something simpler? Also something important is that I can’t buy any pro plug-ins or anything like that, it all has to be free (boss orders, it’s complicated).

thanks in advance for any insight on this

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  1. Tell your Boss to F himself.
    Tell your Boss, are his hours also FREE ?
    His work should also be free
    And also tell your Boss in a couple of years, people like him, won’t have jobs anymore.
    As a Boss to be this clueless about things, only tells me he is Clueless.
    FREE. I have tracked thousands of FREE requests over the years and followed up with them.
    All those FREE requests, end up as failures.


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