Abnormal amount of new user accounts being created

Hey there. I’ve been using WordPress with Woocommerce for my site since 2015. This past week I am seeing a lot of new customer accounts being created. I am only really noticing because I am getting email bounces for many of these.

I installed WP Armour – HoneyPot Anti Spam yesterday and stats are showing that since then I’ve received 42 for Wplogin and 2 for Wpforms. I’m guessing this is showing that these are bots creating these accounts.

What else can I do to try and remedy this and prevent these bots from creating these accounts?

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  1. Here’s a few things you could try:

    ReCaptcha: Add Google ReCaptcha to your registration forms. There are plugins like ‘Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha’ that can help you set this up.

    User Registration Plugins: Consider using plugins like ‘User Registration’ or ‘Profile Builder’ that offer more robust anti-spam options.

    Limit Login Attempts: Use a plugin that limits login attempts to deter bots from trying to register multiple times.

    Approve New Users: Change your settings to require admin approval for new user accounts.

    Clean Up: Regularly clean up your user list to remove any spam accounts.

    Security Plugins: Keep using security plugins like Wordfence, which can block malicious traffic and prevent unauthorized registrations.

    Check Your Forms: Make sure all your forms have some anti-spam measure, like a honeypot or captcha.


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