WordPress & XML/JSON


I need to import both XML & JSON feeds to my webshop.

Are there any other plugins for XML other than WP All Import Pro that can do it and update it at a set interval afterwards?

For JSON i have yet to find a single plugin that can do it, is it even possible?


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  1. Hey there!

    For XML, besides WP All Import Pro, you might want to check out plugins like ‘Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress’ or ‘Really Simple CSV Importer’ – they can sometimes handle XML files too.

    As for JSON, importing isn’t as common, but it’s definitely possible. You might need to get a bit technical though. Plugins like ‘WP All Import’ can work with JSON by using their API or add-ons. There’s also ‘JSON Content Importer’ which can be used to import and display data from a JSON feed.

    Both types of imports can usually be set to run at intervals, so your feeds stay up-to-date automatically. Make sure to check the plugin documentation or support forums to ensure they fit your specific needs.


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