Accessing my wordpress site from another computer on the local network ?

I have started a project to create an intranet for my company.

So I started to develop the website on a Ubuntu 22.04 VM in “localhost”.

This intranet will only be accessible on the company’s local network.

I’m nearing the end of my intranet configuration and I wanted to do some testing to make sure everything will work fine once I export the VM from my PC to our ESXI hypervisor.

Problem, I created a Windows 10 VM on the same VMware NAT network as my Ubuntu VM to do some testing, but when I type in my Ubuntu’s IP address in web browser, I don’t get to the intranet but rather the “It Works!” standard page from Apache.

WordPress is installed in /var/www/wordpress in my case.


Here are the general settings of my wordpress website, I would like my intranet to be accessible via the IP address of my Ubuntu VM from another computer in the same LAN, and if possible ( it would be a must ) that it be accessible via a domain-like name. I think I understood that the change of access name was done via the general settings of wordpress


Should I move the wordpress installation from /var/www/ to /var/www/html?

Thanks in advance !


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