WordPress Admin AND Site Loading So Slowly on LAN

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I just started a local/hometown travel/lifestyle blog.

I am super new to all things WordPress but am trying to learn quickly. I am having an issue though that is completely stumping me which is that every time I try to load my site on my Chromebook from home, the load times are ridiculously slow and often time out. It’s like this for the admin site and the actual live site itself on my Chromebook and my cell phone. However, I went to a restaurant and used their wifi today and load times were seriously so much faster on both ends (admin and live). My site is small- only 6 blog posts so it’s not like I have a ton going on that should be weighing it down.

Is there something going on that I need to contact either my host or my internet provider(AT&T fiber)? I tried clearing the DNS cache already, I’ve cleared the cache on my site and have gone to Elementor tools to regenerate CSS and data. I’ve restarted my Chromebook about a million times and have cleared the cache on my browser. I’ve contacted HostGator and they have upped my PHP settings. My internet connection seems to be fine other than accessing my own site – I have no problems loading other sites, streaming video, etc., and my internet connection has not slowed down at all as far as I can tell (Google speed test shows 200+ Mbps download speed). It’s just as slow when accessing the site from a hardwired Windows 10 machine, so it doesn’t seem to be a WiFi issue or an issue with the Chromebook itself. I’ve also deactivated all of my plugins to see if I could pinpoint a particular one causing issues but the admin site still loaded so slowly.

Could this be something with our IP address or our router? IDK, I’m not a super technical person and am trying to troubleshoot the best I can via YouTube videos, etc. But am not finding any relief to my issue.


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Thanks in advance!


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