action is not activated error

Hello, i am trying to sync users between 2 sites:


I have installed plugin on both of them and have set everything. When I test connection on, everything is ok (green). When I test it on, it doesnt work and there is a error message: “Login” action is not activated on with remote IP (incoming).
This message appears for every action (login, logout, create,…).
The problem is that the IP address in error message is IP address of, not the subdomain.

When I tried to connect another site with, there was also error message, in which was the same IP adress (so maybe problem is somewhere in ??)

i have tried and checked everything, but i am not able to find out where is the problem. The main page has two DNS A records (one is for and another for – both have same IP address), can be this a problem? If yes, please can you give me some advices how to figure it out? (when i delete DNS for, there is a problem with page loading).

I am already desperate, i dont want to give it up, because i really like this plugin, it is very effective and simple 🙂

thanks a lot for your help,



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