Add Role for WooCommerce purchase

I grant Users access to certain content after a WooCommerce purchase by assigning a custom Role based on a Product Category.

I am using Triggers in this Order
1. User purchases a product of category 1 times
2. User completes a purchase 1 times
Add Role Y to User

It isn’t clear to me what the 1 times does. Is this 1 time per Order or 1 time per Customer?

In testing I can get this to work. Then to test again I remove the Role and purchase the product again but the Role isn’t added. Will the Plugin allow Users to purchase the product multiple times and get the Role applied again if it is gone or has the User ‘permanently used up’ their 1 time. In that case do I need to set the First Trigger to something like 100 so the User can purchase the item over and over as needed?

Thanks – Great Plugin


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