Adding a review summary block to posts

My site writes about travel destinations and activities. I’d like to add a summary to the end of each post. I’m envisioning a list of pros / cons, a “one tip you need to know / the bottom line” type blurb, and a list of relevant links (hotel website, Tripadvisor reviews, etc). My current theme, which I love, does not have shortcodes to do this. Obviously I can put the content out there using bullets but there’s nothing to visually differentiate it from the main body of the post.

I’ve searched for plugins using keywords like “summary”, “list”, “review”, and other similar terms. Unfortunately most of what I’m finding is just not what I’m looking for. I’m not looking to harvest user-generated reviews or let people rate my posts. I did find a few plugins that looked promising, but they haven’t been updated in a long time and/or have an awfully small installation base. I’m concerned they’ll become abandoned soon.

It seems like all the plugins are geared towards affiliate marketing and SEO churn, and that’s not at all what I’m after. I see some themes have similar features built in but I’m hoping to find a plugin or other workaround before investing in a new theme.


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