1. WordPress is a all one in shit. Technically you could build a site without having to touch any css or html

    So i would consider just having a look at html and css just understand what they do. But it’s easier (for me at least) to search and learn when I encounter a problem on something I’m doing.

    So following a WordPress course would be the best


    it’s also depend what’s your goal.
    If it’s just for fun and you wanna learn how to code, i would tell you to just make a website without WordPress (and maybe having a look into JavaScript framework when you will be a bit more confident)

    If a one go to make a shop or something else in that kind, there are some easier alternative (Shopify, Squarespace etc etc)

    And if you wanna learn WordPress specially then learn it anyway

    Ps: this is a perspective of someone who hate wordpress

  2. Good day sir! First you need learn basics of how webbrowser works, error codes , etc. how the server works and related stuff , after you can move to learning html, css . And after you can move to JS . In the same time you can install localserver with wordpress and just practice . Also get good IDE editor . I can suggest Visual Studio Code, its free and its good.

    But its not a short journey, be prepared , you will need learn LOTS of stuffs

  3. As I have already said in this subredd

    Maybe you can start from here




    Then find some nice theme like Kadence or GeneratePress, add KadenceBlocks or Generate Blocks (and something like Greenshif or b-blocks.)

    I suggest GeneratePress and Generate Blocks.

    https://generatepress.com/ (https://docs.generatepress.com/)

    https://generateblocks.com/ (https://docs.generateblocks.com/)

    not necessary, you can stick with FSE; it’s even beter to learn ‘clean WP’, with default theme, as starter




    and of course


    apprentice level = 1000-1200 hours

    advanced level = 3000-5000 hours

    expert level = >10.000 hours


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