Advice please – Best plugins for a particular use case with Stripe

Hi All,

I’m hoping for some recommendations on the best approach (plugins-wise) to accomplish the following. We have []) for our payments and have built simple products already but they’re just links and don’t have anything on our site that knows/stores user profiles, orders, does reporting, etc so that’s what I want to create.

I manage a site for a non-profit that is in the process of modernizing to handle what they traditionally did via postal mail-in payments to online. Here’s what I need to achieve:

1. Ability to **sign up for meetings** and pay/select food choices. Meetings are free to attend (so I need to account for just headcount) but also there’s the option to select from multiple food options (all the same price). Needs to be able to submit one payment for potentially multiple people capturing the people’s names and individual meal selections.
2. Ability to pay an **annual membership fee** for the organization. This isn’t going to give them any special access to the site, it’s purely to be a member of the non-profit. There are different membership types (free, adult, senior citizen, etc)
3. Ability to browse and purchase **physical/tangible items** \- mostly books.

Ideally I’d like one CRM-like experience where someone can login and view past orders, view/edit their mailing address,etc. Nothing super fancy but an intuitive experience someone would expect online these days.

**Edit:** Additonally, we use Zoho Campaigns for our newsletters so if there’s an integration point to allow them to add themselves to our list during the sign-up purchase process, that would be an added bonus but not a requirement necessarily.

The system should send typical email receipts, event reminders, etc.

I know “The Events Calendar” plugin can likely do what I want for item #1 above but I don’t think it can do #2 or #3.

I installed WooCommerce and can potentially accomplish all three of the above by creating meeting reservations as digital/intangible products but it wouldn’t be as user friendly as the way Event Calendar would look visually.

Any thoughts on something that’s not overly complicated or reliant on lots of different plugins? Something where a user could have a single profile that allows them to manage all three things above?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!


  1. Sounds like WooCommerce out of the box achieves 2 of these.

    The food booking for different people is a bit custom, and not sure of a good way to handle that. This would take some time and testing for me to sort out.

    The short answer is that you can add custom fields to WooCommerce, which would allow you to collect additional information. But again, this wouldn’t be a plug and play solution.

    I believe the events calendar accounts and WooCommerce work together to some degree. And that it would act as one login to access multiple things on the site. Because they both use WordPress users.

  2. The Events Calendar and Event Tickets would handle #1 perfectly with the free version – it is compatible with Stripe. I just saw that LearnDash recently released a product called MemberDash that I bet would satisfy #2 well. #3 is definitely WooCommerce.


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