AIOS breaks WP STAGING plugin and breaks its Ajax requests. Founder here!

The Salt Prefix option causes this error. Disabling that option will make WP STAGING reusable again.

We are now looking for a way to make wp staging compatible with this “feature”.

I would be happy if you could share some technical details about how this salt option works before we spend time debugging it.


We had someone report this to us recently and when we looked into it we found the conflict was between the AIOS salt feature and WP STAGING Optimizer mu-plugin.

The salt feature generates random strings to be added to the end of the existing WordPress salts these are added via the ‘salt’ filter these strings are cycled on a cron.

So when the page loads the salts with postfixes are used to generate the nonces, but then when a WP STAGING action runs with the Optimizer option enabled it disables AIOS.

This means when the code then tries to check the nonces they no longer match as the postfixes are not loaded any more, because the ‘salt’ filter in AIOS can’t run to add them.

Best Wishes,


Thanks, I was curious so I looked into that and found the exact same thing out.

We will now check how we can solve it from our side.


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