AIOSEO – Canonical url scraped instead of posted url on Facebook.

I’m volunteering for a small charity – so no paid help and no money for paid plugins. We use WordPress so I hope I am in the right place to ask my question.

We have AIOSEO installed on the site to ensure sharing the main page of the site on Facebook shows the info and image we need displayed correctly.

The website has a new member area (Ultimate Member). We are trying to share individual member profiles on Facebook.

For example:



We discovered the profiles would share but without the member name, it would just say “user” which is not useful.

After 9 hours of messing about it seemed I can only achieve one or the other. If I turn off AIOSEO the member profiles share correctly, but the remainder of the site does not do as we want. Or turn AIOSEO back on and the member profiles now all default to the front page.

I have installed and uninstalled a number of plugins to try and resolve this. After 9 hours (literally) I am now so tired and confused I am not even sure I can explain what I need properly.

Basically in the Facebook Sharing Debugger I can see the Canonical url for the member profiles are scraped instead of the member profile url.

I have looked all through the settings on AIOSEO and have not had any luck.

I think 9 hours of trying and failing to find a solution on my own is enough. It is time to ask for help.

Does anyone have a clue what is going on and how I can fix it?

Please forgive me if I am not explaining this clearly enough. I’m so fed up now, I am over my head and exhausted.



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