All cache cleared after only 1 update.

Hello @daangroen

Thank you for reaching out and I am happy to help!

This should be dependent on the Purge policy in the Perfomrance>Page Cache.
Can you please check the settings there and let me know if you can confirm that with the existing settings the problem is gone if you downgrade to the previous WP version?


Hi there,

Many thanks for your reply.

I just downgraded to WP 6.0.1. and the problem is still there. (so my early claim that the problem had something to do with the WP version is false). I even unchecked all checkboxes under “Purge Policy: Page Cache”, removed the path to the sitemap and set purge limit to 1.

Even now, when I open a post in the WP editor and hit “Save”, all page cache is flushed.. This should not happen, right?

I have another website which runs the exact same WP version and W3 total cache version, but there this problem is not present.

Update: I think I found the solution, there was a difference between the 2 websites.
I added “add_filter( ‘rank_math/sitemap/enable_caching’, ‘__return_false’);” to the functions, and now there the problem seems to be gone.

This looks like a rankmath conflict with W3 Total cache.

Case can be closed, thanks again for your time!

Hello @daangroen

Thank you for your feedback.
Some plugins like rankmath are using the W3TC hooks to call w3tc_flush_all();
This however purged the entire cache, and this is used when the sitemap is cached. I think they may have some option to disable that.
You are most welcome!

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