All I want to do is create a contact us Form that doesn’t require name or email

Why is this so hard? I’ve created a custom contact form without those fields, plugged in the shortcode and the page still shows required fields not included. Not to mention the other plugins and stuff that i’ve tried. Can anybody help?

Edit for completeness here is what the definition of the form:

<label> Your name (optional)
[text your-name autocomplete:name] </label>

<label> Your message
[textarea your-message] </label>

[submit “Submit”]

Yet when i include it and publish it, I still see “Name (required)… Email (required)…”


Edit: I’ve got what i needed with Formidable Forms, I still have a lot to learn on how this all works but thanks to everyone who helped.

  1. That’s weird.

    You might try Fluent Forms.

    I use it to collect just domain names and then redirect to an order page

  2. It might be a caching issue OP. Try clearing both ther server cache and your local browser cache.


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