All Pages show 404 After migrating to a new domain – HELP

I have a website [](

I built a new website on []( as I didn’t want my main site to go down, or look shit while I built the new one.

When it was finished I backed up the flo. site and deleted the wordpress off the main domain.

I then restored the backup to the main site. Everything on the backend looks fine, all the media loads, my FlexEditor appears and everything is there, but I cannot preview any pages, they all give me 404 errors.

Things I have done:

\-Changed main URL in WP General

\-cleared browser cache

\-updated permalinks

\-reset htaccess

\-run search and replace for []( to [](

(I have done this via plugin which failed / via hosting which worked \[apparently\] and in the SQL database)

\-flushed cache on hosting

\-Disabled plugins

\- Run a SSL fix

\-Updated the WP URL in database – WP\_Options SiteURL & Home


I’m running out of things to try and no websites are giving me any more info than what I have already tried. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated as I now don’t have a functioning site. Since deleting the WP install on my root domain, the flo. has disappeared. This is not something I was anticipating, so I’m not sure what I did here.


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