Safety while giving someone access to work on my site.

Hey, I want to preface this by saying that I am a game developer who understands version control, programming, etc (basically I’m not tech illiterate lol).

I’m planning to commission someone from Fiverr to improve the front end of my WordPress site, but I’m unsure of how I can do this without opening myself up to vulnerabilities.

I haven’t set up version control for my WP directory yet, but it seems like I could do this for most of the basic files in my directory WP directory. So I should easily be able to track if any code has been altered for plugins or any other files like that.

Although it seems like the majority of the content I’d really like to monitor is stored in the database, which doesn’t seem version controllable.

So I’m kinda curious as to what I can do to be as safe as possible when hiring someone.

My current plan is to:
\- Get version control setup so I can monitor all changes to files using Github

\- Create another wp installation and export / import my current using Duplicator. Only giving them access to this dev installation

\- Once they’ve finished their changes I guess I will try to manually copy / paste their changes rather than running the risk of reimporting that to my production directory


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