Am I adjusting theme correctly?

I am block overwhelmed and hope some kind WP gurus can answer my questions 🙂

I am wondering if my workflow is correct and optimal. Using generatePress theme with Gutenberg blocks. I built homepage with blocks. Did as much adjustment i could with the built in customisation builder. Than proceeded making a child theme where I added additional css (eg, less padding for a hero block banner, made navigation sticky, etc) . Is this a decent way of doing it?

Also, my worry is that I am adjusting css for blocks and I am not really sure if the css will negative affect behaviour when used with other blocks…kinda overwhelmed by all the block options 🙂

I noticed some blocks by default do not really “go well together”. Eg used a banner hero type of block, added a heading below. And the was no marging/space between the blocks. The heading was crunched into the banner. Sure i correct this fast with styling, just little suprised margin was missing. But I guess there is so many blocks and generatepress how no idea what order I am planning of using it. Still, isn’t padding between blocks always nice? 🙂


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