Any reliable and cheap push notification service for WordPress?

A few of my sites get most of their traffic (100k-2M/m) from tier 3 countries for informational keywords of relatively low commercial value, which means that most push notification services are unprofitable. I monetize those sites mostly with Adsense, but as you can imagine, it’s a very low CPM.

Therefore, I’m looking for a service that doesn’t charge per push subscriber and offers fixed pricing.

Self-hosted push services can also be an option, but I couldn’t find something great yet.

So far I found three options which don’t charge based on subscriber numbers, each of which has some significant drawbacks:
– Push Notifications for WP & AMP by Magazine3 : Just one review up to today, insufficient documentation
– Perfecty Push Notifications: seems good and completely free, but wasn’t updated for 2+ years
– Larapush: very high one-time fee + annual support fee, requires a disclaimer in the push pop-up linking to their service
– there are also several “free” services that offer monetization option but completely mess up your site with spam, so I won’t even bother to mention those.

Any other recommendations?

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  1. You can try [this one]( for push notifs, it also lets you ‘not’ manage the tokens at your end, which is a hassle for most.

    One possibility could be to listen to triggers on your client side, then send that event to this application via backend. Would be safer to implement. Pricing wise, they are flexible.


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