Anyone running azure VMs?

Just wondering if anyone is hosting with Azure what VMs on the cheap as possible end run well enough? I’m looking to buy a 3 year reserve instance but worried about performance.

I’m would be a super basic wordpress site with just a few pages and portfolio etc. And one catering website for a friend later.

I’m guessing 1 core with 1gb ram and 10gb storage would cover it.

They also have so many different instance types too now no clue which ones are supposed to be good for websites 🥲

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  1. Its not really about Azure VMs and its more about self managing a VM. The cheapest VM is more than enough to run your wordpress website and will be faster than any shared hosting you would ever try. BUT, only if you know how to configure the full stack (Linux, MySQL, PHP, Web Server, WordPress). Are you a sysadmin or a full stack developer? If not then at least make sure you use a ready VM image like Bitnami or Litespeed wordpress images that are available for you from the Market place.


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