Anything That Aggravates You When It Comes To Cookie/Data Privacy Compliance?

So a while back I built a plugin that is a pretty basic cookie compliance plugin. It conditionally loads a google tag manager container based on whether the user clicked yes to accept cookies or no to decline cookies. Again super basic and I really built it as an easy solution to cookie compliance when GDPR was first released before CCPA ever came to the U.S for my agencies’ website and my client websites and also just to test the process of building a plugin and getting it approved in the WordPress repository. I’ve largely ignored it since then with minimal updates, but I checked in on it the other day and saw it had 500 downloads, and a few installs, most of which are probably just my client’s sites.

I don’t have any dreams of a bigtime SaaS product with a cookie compliance plugin but I did think it would be interesting to at least set up a store and learn more about he process of selling a plugin online and I thought trying to expand this plugin would be a good chance to do that.

So my question is, do you have anything that aggravates you about cookie or data privacy compliance that you view as an unsolved problem in the WordPress space?


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