Help creating an item grid thing?


WordPress is not my passion. However I have been the one updating my companies site since everyone else is scared to touch it. We are a non profit and our budget is $0. So here I am asking kind internet strangers.

Is there a way/plug in that I can use to build something similar to this?


This is the best example I can find. a page shows many options. You click on one of the options and it shows more information. Once the user claims that family? item? and fills out the form, it disappears off the website.

I am also okay with just various boxes like the first picture. A way for people to register and take the item away.

Its for an adopt a kid thing for Christmas. So it just needs to function for a month.

I have searched different plug ins but I am not sure.

vers. 4.9.1



If there isn’t a way, that’s cool too. Just thought I would see what is out there.

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  1. Woocommerce comes to my mind. Might be an overkill for this use case, but its really easy to use and its free. You can easily make a store, add products, and it automatically handles orders, stock etc. Your theme needs to support it. Look at Storefront theme as an example.


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