Apache, Nginx or litespeed? Apache + Nginx

At Cloupsy we have tested many server combinations, litespeed, apache, Nginx, but we have always obtained better performance results with Apache + Nginx, yes, together, that’s why we have left it as default for all our new customers.

Which stack do you use?
What experience have you had using it and which one do you consider you get better performance?

  1. Litespeed is our go to because thats whats worked consistently for us but I’m interested in hearing about your apache + nginx combo! Hows that work? Do you have a docker file you can share?

  2. Litespeed + cache is the fastest but Nginx is the most reliable in my experience, and is totally fast enough. By reliable I mean, because Litespeed is heavily cached out of the box, when it goes wrong there are lots of things which need nuking, then the cache has to be rebuilt. The free version is not as user friendly either.

  3. I like Apache + Nginx configuration because of the htaccess file. Lightspeed caching is a nightmare to work with, too many things go wrong with caching configuration. You always seem to debug caching problems for different devices, plugins…etc.

  4. I have an AMD EPYC 128 GB RAM with LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server and CyberPanel web host manager.

    I have about 100 WordPress installations with over 3 million page views a month.

    The server can take a Reddit hug.

    LiteSpeed Enterprise is the industry standard because it works better when under pressure.

  5. * 1. nginx (as reverse proxy) + apache (’cause some plugins require .htaccess)
    * 2. nginx with HTTP/3 enabled – slightly faster
    * 3. apache + php-fpm

    Not just for speed but for security as well. Old, well proven and documented.

  6. cloudflare -> nginx -> varnish -> nginx -> php-fpm

    All are free with no restrictions on workers or cores, Varnish can help with some complicated use cases , else can be skipped.

    Litespeed also can give similar performance , But could never any significant advantage over nginx.


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