API daily sports stats setup

Any advice would be appreciated, even if it’s just to say it’s beyond your ability as a novice.

I spent 10+ hours last week trying to learn API set it up on youtube and attempting. I bought a sports stats API subscription. I got it connected with a plug in but it would comeback as an error message on my website like I wasn’t logged in even though I used the key.

All the video’s I watched were very simple API’s like a daily quote using a plug in. This seems more complicated with many different stats and teams and endpoints. I guess my question is how hard would this be to set up? If you get it connected do you still have to build the pages out? I see php sites I know people arent updating manually. Any advice would be appreciated.

The main thing I want to accomplish is a daily rankings with updated records. They have that data already available. A daily sports scores section I didn’t have to deal with would be great too as would individual team pages that updated records and stats but baby steps first with the singular rankings and records that update daily.

Any direction or resources anyone could point me to help with thank you. Plugins preferred if that’s even possible.


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