My website is going crazy after migration. It doesn’t save anything I do and logs me out and reverts to an old version? What is happening?

I migrated my website to a new host. Everything was fine. It’s a simple blog website. I changed DNS settings and the site loads from the new host.

I started working on my website, erased some useless plugins and other stuff. Suddenly I get logged out and when I log back in the plugins are there again. It’s like I did nothing. I started from scratch.

Then it happens again!!! I worked for a few hours in peace, erased plugins, installed one new and started making new stuff in my Bricks builder. I spent a lot of time. And right now I get logged out again and when I log in all my work is gone. What the hell is happing? How is this possible? This is insane.

I feel like this could this be some kind of caching problem? If i check my website on mobile I can still see the new changes so it must have gone in effect on the new server!! But I don’t know how to see the new changes on my computer, it keeps showing me the old website. I erased cache, i erased cookies and history. I don’t know what else to do. Any idea?

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  1. I flushed DNS right now on my windows. Didn’t help….

    Chrome, Firefox, Edge all show old version now. I can only see the new changes still on mobile and if I check file manager on my new host I can see the new plugin installed there. So i am pretty sure all this got saved I just can’t see the new version of my website for some crazy reason….


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